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Mechanical Services Overview 

Mechanical Technicians

Maintenance and overhauls are performed on Natural Gas, and Diesel engines, high-speed and low-speed compressors, generators, pumps, and other associated mechanical equipment.  Technicians work either a regular shift schedule or on a 24-hour call-out basis. WGPSN offers on-site performance evaluations of existing equipment to ensure the effective utilization of that equipment.

Electrical Technicians

Our technicians provide maintenance activities for power generation and associated electrical equipment.  Amp Surveys are performed to ensure proper sizing of equipment is determined for a particular operation.  Technicians work either a regular shift schedule or on a 24-hour call-out basis.

Generator Packages

WGPSN offers our customers Generator Packages.  We will build packages to the customer’s specifications using “Zero-hour” rebuilt engines and generators. We can also totally refurbish a customer’s existing unit.

Generator/Electric Motor Work

Our suite of services includes the complete in-house refurbishment of Electric Motors and Generators.  We can do anything from a simple recondition to a complete re-wind.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

We can tailor a Preventive Maintenance Program designed specifically for your company’s operation for all your major rotating equipment.  The complexity of the system used will depend on your needs and available budget.

PLC Panels and Switchgear Repairs

Our specialists in controls systems for power generation and reciprocating compression have the capability to design, build, repair, and/or modify any controls system, switchgear, or MCC for all 600 VAC systems.

Procurement Services

WGPSN employs knowledgeable Procurement Specialists who can support your projects, overhauls, inspections, and everyday needs on your Production facilities.  The volume discounts we enjoy with our vendors are passed on to our customers.